Recently, we completed a project with a well-known multinational beverage company with the aim of aiding all function-leads and teams to adopt an agile mindset by using Agile to increase efficiency and business results.

The project involved consultation with the client, interviews and follow up discussions with stakeholders to support the implementation. This ensured alignments between all stakeholders, managed expectations and helped set clear objectives and the offsite programs created the right learning climate, enabling the client to move forward with successful transformation. The project involved a 2- day workshop to gain a better understanding of what Agile is, defined a joint vision toward Agile transformation, and steered towards concrete next steps. As an outcome of the main session run with TPCL, a pitch and plan were shown to stakeholders which resulted in the green light to the initiative.

The project finished with follow up meetings with key participants, where we were able to share observations with the client which assisted them in a successful rollout of their Agile transformation program. The program was so well received that it generated a full effort from their international country operations to be implemented and adopted locally. A year later the rollout was considered a success having led to increased efficiencies, better alignment between departments, faster adaptation to client needs which resulted in quantifiable benefits.

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