Maintaining performance and growth are essential to any successful organisation, and responding to opportunities for growth or performance improvement is a crucial aspect of a leader’s role.

Our change and complexity leadership solutions are designed to support leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to sustain performance and ensure that a combined focus and energy is placed on driving growth.

Performance Growth Leadership requires numerous skills across many levels. Any programme can be completely tailored to your needs, but below is a description of the areas we can address.

Personal leadership

At the personal leadership level, performance growth leadership means developing a performance mindset and developing self-management strategies that drive performance. Our approach involves supporting leaders to, for example: manage their time effectively and optimise their work strategy and structure; learn strategies for maintaining resilience and maximising high performance; and develop the attributes needed for achieving mental toughness.

Relational leadership

Leadership that nurtures high performance requires relational skills that build motivation and role-model positive performance-related behaviours, while holding people to account. Our solutions may involve, for example: supporting the development of influencing skills; providing effective feedback and developing competence with performance related conversations; and how to leverage a strengths-based approach.

Team leadership

The ability to create high-performing teams is a crucial leadership skill that few leaders truly understand. In order to get the best out of others and maximise their team’s performance, leaders need to influence people to understand how working together can achieve even more. Our approach might involve, for example: developing approaches that build trust and encouraging constructive conflict to enhance a performance culture; learning skills for increasing team resilience, productivity, collaboration and interdependence; and adopting the required leadership style to keep high-performance teams energised.

Systemic leadership

At the systems level, developing performance and growth-oriented cultures means developing systems and processes that enhance and maintain the focus on high performance. Our programmes might involve, for example: understanding various models, tools and processes that organisations can implement to create an effective performance culture; developing effective performance management systems; and understanding how reward systems can help to drive a high-performance culture.

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