Having worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of leaders across the globe, it is our experience that sometimes investing in training and coaching alone is not enough to generate the leadership performance you need in order to reach your goals.

Especially in times of turmoil and upheaval, companies benefit from being able to take a step back and take a look at their organisation as a whole, enabling them to address issues with systems and processes before creating change at an individual level.

Leadership consulting is a holistic way of looking at the leadership capacity in your organisation to maximise its alignment with your business goals and turn it into your ultimate advantage.

What do we offer?

Our comprehensive leadership consulting solutions are specifically designed to optimise the interaction between your systems, structures and people. Our specialised model looks at various activities in the organisation through one single lens: improving your leadership effectiveness.

The 5 key stages of our model

1. Approach

We will firstly work with your senior executives to understand the strategic goals of your business. We will also establish what they feel the necessary leadership requirements are in order to execute this strategy.

2. Analyse

We then deepen and validate the outcomes of the first stage. This is done by working in close partnership with your HR team to develop a comprehensive analysis of your business’s current leadership capability.

3. Aim

Next, we engage your leaders to review the outcomes of the previous stage. This helps us to establish a clear picture of the leadership culture, processes and behaviours your organisation will need to put in place in the short, medium and long term. We share this vision with your leaders, ensuring the rationale is clear and that we have their commitment to deliver these benefits to your business, clients, people and the leaders themselves.

4. Align

We will then outline a set of solutions that will be designed to bring your processes and leaders in line with each other and take you closer to your organisational goals. We will work with you to implement these solutions at every level and ensure that all changes are fully integrated. In this phase, we also ensure your leaders are clear on how to maintain and sustain these changes.

5. Appraise

In the final stage, we assess the impact of the consulting process on your organisation, measure the ROI of the intervention, and define actions to ensure you can maximise your organisation’s leadership capability over time.

The benefits of this process are numerous and will be felt throughout your organisation over the long term. These include:

  • Your top team being fully-aligned, positive role models for the rest of the organisation
  • A leadership pipeline that allows you to nurture new talent and ensure you have the people you need for the future of your business
  • Your front line managers being fully engaged and able to motivate people towards the achievement of common goals
  • Knowing you have the right people in the right places at all times
  • More time to focus on wider business objectives and less time managing conflict
  • Working together to get ahead of your competition rather than competing with each other.

Who is leadership consulting for?

Leadership Consulting can make a dramatic difference in times of change, such as:

  • Having a new CEO and/or a new strategy
  • If your company has grown very quickly, without the time to establish a clear organisational strategy
  • During or following mergers and acquisitions, public offerings or privatisation
  • During or following changes in technologies, processes and organisation either adopted by your company or forced on your company by legislation or market demands
  • Turn around or restructuring
  • When you are managing high turnover and trying to retain key talents

Why TPC Leadership?

We are a specialised end-to-end leadership solutions firm: unlike other consulting organisations, we work with you to co-create fully bespoke solutions that are unique to your needs. We then ensure your leadership strategy is executed and sustained the way you need to guarantee your long-term success.

We are a global firm with a boutique flavour – we are proud of our international leadership consultants, and provide you with dedicated consulting teams, including strategy consultants, OD consultants and L&D experts with experience in almost every industrial and cultural background.

Contact us about our leadership consulting services

If your organisation is going through or has recently experienced some form of change, we truly believe you will benefit from our leadership consulting services. Please contact us to receive your first consultation free.