Diversity is a global reality. For most organisations this reality presents challenges as well as opportunities. The challenge is to manage diversity effectively to avoid roadblocks to the achievement of organisational goals. The opportunity is for organisations to leverage their diversity to create competitive advantage. To support our clients to understand the diversity of their workforce and to effectively leverage the diversity as a competitive advantage, TPC Leadership has partnered with Australasia’s leading Diversity Consultancy – ‘Diversitas’ to offer our clients a comprehensive D&I Review. Drawing from collective years of experience in mapping diversity dynamics within organisations, our unique D&I Review provides your organisation with a comprehensive understanding of the current state of D&I in your organisation, through a series of quantitative and qualitative measures and assessments. The findings are collated into a D&I Executive Report together with specific recommendations, which reflect your organisations unique needs and requirements.

Having completed a D&I Review, you will have the right information to implement an effective D&I strategy, supported by targeted activities and interventions to grow your diversity footprint and work towards building an inclusive culture, which truly leverages the benefit of having a diverse workforce.

Diversity and inclusion chart

What you can expect from a D&I review?

Our end-to-end D&I Review follows the best practice D&I global diversity dimensions milestones of:

  1. Foundation
  2. Recommendations
  3. Transformation
  4. Communication

Step 1 – Foundation

Assessing current state:

Taking a quantitative and qualitative approach, a typical D&I Review includes the following activities:

  • CQ Assessment (benchmark of current behavioral cultural competence)
  • D&I Policy Review
  • Demographic Data Review
  • D&I Survey
  • Focus Groups
  • Employee interviews

Step 2 – Recommendations

The key deliverable is an Executive Report outlining both qualitative and quantitative data including recommendations for creating a step-out-strategy for addressing your diversity needs. This includes recommendations addressing key diversity issues within your organization, such as:

  • Attracting and retaining high quality talent
  • Improving workforce engagement
  • Flexible work design to support gender balance
  • Transitioning towards a more inclusive and empowering organizational and leadership culture
  • Demonstrating conscious inclusion in workplace processes and practices
  • Improving your employer brand
  • Creating competitive advantage from your diverse workforce

Step 3 – Transformation

Awareness is not enough. Even individuals who are highly aware of the D&I agenda may fail to take action to transition towards more inclusive behaviours. Awareness must be translated into action and this step is all about creating meaningful and enduring change in your organisation through interventions designed to support a D&I culture. Depending on the recommendations, this will include behavioural interventions such as:

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Team workshops (Cultural Intelligence for Leaders)
  • Setting up employee resource groups.
  • Policy development
  • Guidelines and employee resources to support your D&I strategy

Step 4 – Communication

This is the final step of our 4-part D&I offering. For D&I to become a competitive advantage for organisations, their external and internal brands need to be strong aligned. This ensures that the behaviours that are experienced by employees are translated into the behaviours that are experienced by customers. It focuses on internal and external messaging, which reflects organisational commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. Essentially it is about the ‘story telling’ and sharing of experience, which reflect the degree to which you truly embrace and leverage diversity for your employees and customers.

This part of our service offering is about supporting you to create strong internal and external messaging to ensure that your organizational ‘talk’ reflects your ‘walk’ and that your D&I agenda is not just a badge, but also a living experience.