Much of the literature on leadership and management give us the idea that leadership is a universal skill set that works the same anywhere. This does not line up with the realities of leading in today’s multifaceted, globalised world. When it comes to leadership, the ‘one size does not fits all’ philosophy does not apply!

Time for a change?

Many of the traditional approaches to cultural differences are outdated and fail to consider how cultural knowledge translates into inclusive and culturally sensitive behaviour or leadership.

One of the key success factors of global leadership is cultural intelligence (CQ) – defined as an individual’s capability to adapt to, and manage effectively in, culturally diverse situations. To achieve CQ a leader needs to develop capability in their drive, knowledge, strategy and action.

CQ success factors

Leaders who develop their CQ can expect:

  • Ease in Intercultural Adjustment
  • Better Judgment & Decision making
  • Improved Negotiations
  • Higher over-all work performance
  • How we help you develop CQ

At TPC, we use a number of assessment tools (CQ Psychometrics and 360 Questionnaires) to assess individual and team CQ. Once we have a benchmark, we create bespoke CQ workshops, which focus on raising awareness and creating broad based capability in CQ. We go beyond typical approaches to Diversity Training that focus on primarily on building knowledge about other cultures to addressing the drive, strategies and actions relating to CQ success for leaders operating cross culturally. Finally we support the demonstration of Culturally Intelligent behaviours through 1:1 Coaching to ensure individuals are able to integrate newly acquired CQ behaviours effectively into their leadership repertoire.

Develop CQ process

We identify, map and develop CQ in your organisation through:

  • CQ Assessments (Individual / Teams)
  • CQ Workshops
  • 1:1 coaching to enhance and develop CQ

Key Benefits

Organisations with culturally intelligent leaders are more likely to accomplish their mission. The outcomes of a high CQ organisation are:

  • Better on-boarding, development and retention of key talent
  • Improved multicultural individual and team performance
  • Smoother expansion into diverse markets
  • Better service to culturally diverse clients
  • Speed & Efficiency – less unnecessary conflict, quicker deal closing
  • More productive global assignments

In short, by building CQ in leaders, we enhance the on-boarding experience of new hires/new leaders, especially in the critical first 90 days, help diverse teams identify their possible synergies & development points and assist in providing a stronger performance and return on investment for multinational organisations.

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