What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching enables individual leaders or teams to develop their skills, increase their effectiveness and maximise their potential. Through a series of structured sessions, coaches aim to increase awareness in their clients and provide fresh insight that can be put into immediate action.

What we offer

Just as every business faces its own unique challenges, so too does every person within that business. This is why we provide a service bespoke to every client’s needs, taking a conversational, holistic approach, and offering the opportunity for specialist coaching on specific issues.

We recognise that our coaching clients often have needs across a broad range of areas. Our coaches will help clients identify these, drawing on a wealth of experience across a wide range of disciplines (including education, business science, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience). This allows us to provide an extensive range of programmes:

Executive and team leadership

This incorporates a broad range of topics that can provide the following benefits:

  • improvements in effectiveness and productivity
  • enhanced situational leadership skills
  • better team culture, relationships and performance
  • career development and progression
  • broad development of leadership skills.

Embedding leadership learning

This demonstrates how a learning culture can be integrated into your business by facilitating:

  • opportunities to embed new skills more effectively
  • access to broader learning opportunities and personal development
  • enhanced change management abilities.

Personal impact and presence

Using your natural capabilities combined with established techniques to enhance your gravitas in any situation. The many potential benefits include:

  • improved confidence and self esteem
  • better personal and business relationships
  • career progression
  • improved health and well-being
  • improved work/life balance.

Developing resilience and well-being

Managing stress for a greater sense of well-being and improved health. Potential benefits include:

  • greater confidence
  • improved energy levels
  • perspective and clarity about key life priorities
  • a sense of worth and reconnection with personal values
  • better personal and business relationships
  • improved personal performance

Talent development

Helping high-calibre executives and managers to realise their full potential. Focusing on this area can provide:

  • enhanced career progression
  • reduced stress and frustration
  • improved personal performance
  • enhanced contribution to organisational performance.

Women in leadership

Supporting women in leadership roles who are looking to develop personally and professionally. This can lead to:

  • greater confidence and self esteem
  • improved health and well-being
  • positive exploration of identity and identity shifts
  • improved impact, presence and gravitas
  • enhanced influencing skills.

Transitions and managing change

Easing the transition between roles, organisations or sectors, helping you to successfully navigate your first 90 days. Benefits include:

  • reduced stress and improved well-being
  • improved productivity and performance in your new role
  • successful change management at a personal, team and organisational level
  • improved relationships and networks.

We also offer virtual coaching, utilising a number of technologies to deliver executive coaching exclusively online, or as a support to face-to-face coaching. This also incorporates a wide range of ‘e-learning’ solutions and can provide access to a broad range of networks, forums and communities.


Our pricing is flexible and can incorporate a packaged option together with something completely bespoke to your needs.

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