Feedback from our clients and course participants

  • “The Dubai team of assessors have depth of experience across multiple business sectors in the region. Combining their strong business insights and coaching expertise, they were able to go beyond simply assessing our people to they helped us to use the data to provide real business intelligence to our organisation.”
  • “The professional and pragmatic approach to coaching was useful. It helped me address real issues in the workplace. I learned a lot about different personalities in the team, and what is behind each view of the world. Thanks to TPC Leadership the coaching introduced me to new techniques, theories and areas of development that are useful and helpful in my daily work.”
  • “This was unexpected, transformative and very inspiring.”
  • “The programme offered a platform for networking and connection with other coaches; shared experiences; reviewing and practicing coaching skills and aligning with theoretical perspectives.”
  • “The programme was very enlightening and thought-provoking. It raised all the key points pertaining to coaching. If I could sum it up in three words they would be informative, enlightening and thought provoking.”
  • “The programme facilitators were abundant, amazingly generous, present, supportive, open, real and challenging. This programme was different from the previous coaching courses I attended. The very high quality delivered with an intention to support us, rather than point at what is wrong. This was an inside out detox!!!’
  • “I honestly think this is the best course I have EVER attended, and that’s saying a lot. I think the emphasis on ‘being’ a coach as opposed to ‘doing’ coaching was really unique and beneficial. I’m pretty sure I would have had competent training in how to ‘do’ coaching elsewhere, but it wouldn’t have come anywhere near close to what TPC Leadership gave me.”
  • “The skills, tools and knowledge gained on the accredited coaching programme have improved my leadership skills and ability to get the best out of people. I feel that I am more able to communicate with impact, seek to understand others’ points of view, negotiate and influence as appropriate. I believe all Chairs of Boards should have coaching training as it is invaluable in improving the performance of the Board.”
  • “I found the course both challenging and stimulating. The cohort of students was wide ranging in terms of experience and the course was expertly facilitated over six intensive workshop days. It has been a privilege to be a part of the programme and, although I have a long way to go, I feel my personal leadership capability has already improved.”
  • “What I like about TPC Leadership is that they commit to you. I know that my coach is actively listening. I know that he cares about his clients. I know that he hasn’t lost his appetite, nor his motivation, nor his interest.”
  • “I loved the coach training programme. It was an intriguing and transforming experience. There was a great amount of personal learning in terms of understanding myself and receiving great feedback; I was inspired by the programme tutors and the great passion for coaching that they communicated.”
  • “What I liked most about working with TPC Leadership was the sense that we were developing something together. It was a process of co-creation.”

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