Family Business Advice

Build a sustainable future in your family-owned business

What we do

What we do

We draw on our extensive leadership expertise to help you manage succession, scale and diversify, and create structures that will preserve both the legacy and future of your company. We'll help you to:

  • Guide and empower high performing executives
  • Develop resilience within the younger generations
  • Future proof your governance systems
  • Manage stakeholders as you grow
  • Prepare for diversification, scaling or internationalising

How we work

In everything we’ll be seeking to learn from your established culture. We will be in reflective dialogue with you and your family, looking for ways to preserve the spirit of what came before,  while making it sustainable for the future. 

We’ll partner with you to create structures that protect family culture, give back to communities in your region, and enable your business to continue to grow and thrive in a new era.



Our local and global community of coaches and consultants have extensive experience of change management, developing sustainable leadership.

Having forged our own highly valued culture over 20 years, preserving its roots and replicating our success in other companies, we have become a global authority on organisational culture, repurposing strengths, and creating long lasting success.


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Our Complete Portfolio of Leadership Services

Regional Focus

We offer bespoke products and services that focus on driving leadership cultures and business potential in the Middle East.

Executive Topics

We consult with and support your organisation to develop and implement a strategic and visionary mindset, adopt the right culture, build capabilities and measure effectiveness.

Leadership Development Services

We engage with your leaders, teams or organisation to develop capabilities, drive business success and enable people to find meaning and purpose in what they do.

Leadership Coaching Services

Our coaching services can be offered to individuals, teams and organisations, helping to liberate potential.

Coaching & Leadership Academy

Accredited coach training programmes and leadership courses for individuals, enabling them to lead with purpose.