Assessment and Development

Provide insights into individuals' capabilities and potential for growth

What we do

What we do

High performance organisations develop and grow their leaders to thrive in a dynamic environment with a shared vision for the future. 

TPCL delivers comprehensive, supportive and inclusive assessments of your leaders that are designed to provide insights into individuals’ capabilities and potential for growth. We will:

  • Provide actionable data on the talent in your organisation
  • Reveal strengths and potential for leaders with different lenses on their leadership skills and behaviours (personal, relational, team and organisational)
  • Identify where gaps are and work with you on how you can fill them
  • Build a development path for your leaders, structuring a unique programme from our Leadership Development Solutions 

How we work

Leaders in your organisation will be assessed and graded by a qualified psychologist, specialised in high performance coaching. 

Our skilled assessors will then synthesise the information they discover, so we can provide you with succinct and actionable insights. Based on our observations and findings, we will recommend relevant and tailored training for each leader. This might include a programme comprising any of the topics in our Leadership Development Solutions and/or Coaching Services.



Across the Middle East we have found that employees and leaders thrive when they are inspired, engaged and operating in a high trust environment. Our assessments are positive and inclusive, creating a safe space by focusing on growth and development. 

At TPCL we ensure rigour and accuracy throughout our assessments. Ultimately, our insights and actions will reveal how you can mobilise hidden capabilities and develop and make the most of the talent in your organisation.

Let's talk

Our global team of partners has over 200 years' experience of working with individuals, teams and organisations.

We'd be happy to talk to you about your own requirements and goals, and craft a solution that is specific to your situation.