UAE / Jelle Vos


Jelle Vos - Associate Partner

My experience is that we almost always find ‘surprising spaces’, in which the client finds directions to develop. Once these spaces have been found, change emerges often by itself.


As an Ashridge Accredited Executive Coach (UK), Jelle provides a supportive space for C-level executives and for senior managers/professionals to explore their leadership and business impact and to gain new insights. Jelle’s consulting is always customised to the client’s role and organisation context, and covers a wide range of leadership challenges from organisational dilemmas and change to effective teamwork and productive relationships.

Jelle is passionate about helping individuals and organisations from a ‘third order’ intervention perspective. This means that his support is not only aimed at solutions (first order), but also on insight (second order) and transformation (third order). Research shows that third order changes have a longer lasting impact and lead to more success.

Leadership Development, Coaching & Consulting Experience

Jelle has worked as a coach since 2008 with individuals and small groups in a many companies and business sectors. He likes to work with clients on various levels in the organisation: with C-level leaders, senior managers and professionals and with high potentials. One of his strengths is the combination of his diversified organisational experience and a deep understanding of human development and learning. In addition, Jelle works in a quite eclectic way (‘what works, works’), and at the same time, his interventions are based on proven psychological theories and approaches.


Other Relevant Experience

After Jelle finished his BC Human Resources, he started to work in the HR field. He offers over 30 years of business experience as an independent HR-specialist (HR Manager and HR Director) and as a Faculty and Executive Coach. Jelle has been able to develop broad experience in change, leadership and transformation, as well as learning and development.

In 2017, Jelle decided to take a Masters in Executive Coaching at Ashridge Executive Education in London. In 2018 he was Ashridge accredited and in 2019 he will finalise his dissertation. Ashridge Executive Education is triple accredited by AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA. Also, the executive coaching accreditation process received the EMCC European Quality Award in 2017.


Education, Qualifications & Certifications

  • BC Human Resources (1982)
  • Organisational Psychology (1990)
  • MSc Executive Coaching, Ashridge Executive Education, UK (2019)
  • Certified assessor Big 5 Personality (2000)
  • Certified assessor Hogan Leadership Forecast Series (2017)