The world is changing

The world is changing faster and faster. People and organisations must adapt more and more rapidly to keep up with the challenges of a constantly changing, highly interconnected world. To turn these challenges into opportunities, and to enable organisations to succeed, they need a smarter and more holistic approach to leadership. Our mission is therefore to help organisations turn leadership into their ultimate competitive advantage.

The leadership agenda is changing

Leadership has become one of the hot topics on the CEO Agenda. There is a growing body of academic and scientific evidence that shows organisations where leadership is approached strategically consistently perform better than those who don’t. We are in an era where Learning & Development is more important than ever before.

Organisations are also changing. They have become more fluid, more contextual, more flat, more virtual, more diverse and more unpredictable. People entering the workforce differ to people due to retire in the way they look at work as a part of their lives. Old leadership paradigms are being replaced with new ones.

At the same time, organisations also see increasing benefit in developing leadership internationally, regionally or even globally. They search for a ‘one-stop shop’ to address their entire leadership agenda – globally consistent in content, people, spirit, but serviced everywhere by a trusted local partner and often tailored to local needs. Today’s leaders need to thrive in local operating environments and succeed on a global stage. We’re proud of how our leadership solutions deliver financial and cultural impact and help organisations succeed. Is your organisation a true breeding ground for great change- and future-proof leaders in the global arena? We are the experts at making this happen.

We have changed too

In the last few years, we have undergone enormous changes as The Performance Coach.

Founded in 2000 as a UK-based coaching provider, we have steadily developed into a global firm delivering a cutting-edge approach to enhance leadership capability.

Today we have offices in 13 countries, covering more than 50% of the world’s GDP. We have a global network of over 200 Associates, all of whom are exceptionally skilled individuals with a wealth of knowledge and expertise spanning many cultures and industries. Several of them have held (senior) management positions in HR, general management, management- or HR consulting, ensuring a deep understanding of the realities our clients face every day.

Our own leadership has transformed, too. In April 2016, TPC’s founder, Charles Brook, left his role as Global Chair, and we are grateful to have him on board in the new role of Global President as well as Partner in the UK office. In the same month, the Partnership has appointed the Global Chairmanship to Andrea Cardillo, Managing Partner of the Italian office. He currently leads a team of 13 Managing Partners and 20 Partners all over the planet.

The world has changed. The leadership agenda has changed. We have changed. It’s time our brand changed too.

Introducing TPC Leadership

With pride, we now carry the name ‘TPC Leadership’. We have retained an element of our heritage and roots with the initials TPC, recognizing the abbreviation used for years by clients who know us as ‘The Performance Coach’. At the same time, it clarifies what we’re all about: leadership solutions. We deliver local insights for global leaders and global wisdom for local success. We help organisations align their leadership strategy (models, processes and policies) to their business strategy. We nurture, support and inspire the leaders who make a difference to businesses and organisations around the world. So, we’ve made sure it’s at the heart of our new identity.

With the new name also comes a new logo:

TPC Leadership Logo

‘TPC Leadership’ is followed by a geometric form hinting to an arrow (we are innovative and future-oriented) or a net (we believe in the power of network intelligence and systemic leadership). You may also recognise the shape of shoaling fish. Blue and orange triangles remind us of our belief: leadership is not having a management position, it is a key social function playing at every level of an organisation.

TPC Leadership services

Our brand may be changing, but we plan to continue pushing the boundaries and possibilities of excellent leadership development as we have always done. We will do so, keeping our coaching ethos as a foundation of our consulting and development interventions – whether we take a personal, relational, team, or systemic view of leadership. Building on what works and on the existing qualities, talent and potential that act as catalysts for improved performance. We keep on working to ensure sustainable and transformational cultural and financial leadership impact for our clients.

Our key services:

  • Leadership Consulting – aligning leadership strategy with business strategy
  • Leadership development – developing leadership skills
  • Coaching of individuals and teams – unlocking leadership potential
  • Coaching academy – offering accredited coaching skills programmes – both ‘open’ and in-house.

Putting our global talent network at our clients’ service

Wherever clients work with us, they can live the same high quality TPC Leadership experience. Our international consultants come from diverse cultural and managerial backgrounds and deliver our services in more than 20 different languages. Our new brand provides a motivating and unifying framework to ensure our diverse talent drives a common purpose and a consistent approach to creating strategic, economic and cultural impact for the organisations we work with.

By connecting our brains across the system, we can stay at the forefront of business best practices as well as academic research, thinking and publications. Through the sheer size of our network of experts, we can credibly claim to be a thought partner on any leadership issue. We are thus reaping the benefits of scale – bigger can be better – and we’re passing on these benefits to our clients by composing multicultural teams to design and/or deliver programmes, as well as by publishing a host of free resources (blog posts, testimonials, case studies, webinars, videos, e-newsletters, etc.).

A global leadership brand on a global platform

A global brand needs a global presence. Our new website,, is designed to be a place where we share what we do around the world. The website is scheduled to be ‘hard-launched’ in the week of 5 December 2016, and we encourage you to keep coming back to it, as it will further evolve and feature our latest developments.

More information

You’ll find everything you need to know at Visit the global offices page for the different country websites to locate your nearest TPC Partner and their address, email and telephone number.

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If there is anything we can do to help your business succeed within a changing world, we would love to talk to you.