From first-line managers to leaders


TPCL recently completed a project with a market leader in the tech and engineering industry.

The client had a very strong engineering organization with many first-line managers having been promoted into position. They wanted to ensure the right programmes were in place to support leaders along their growth path and equip them to lead and get results in ways that aligned with the values of the organization. They previously developed a programme with another vendor and another programme with TPC Leadership. During the design of the such programme, additional training needs were identified as new managers felt under equipped to lead their teams effectively which led to the development of the grow teams programme. TPCL were subsequently asked to design and deliver the leadership program as well.


3 key learning objectives were identified

  • Effectively transitioning into leadership for the first time
  • Effectively managing and supporting direct reports with personal and career development
  • Effectively building and supporting high performing teams throughout the team lifecycle.

The main objective, instilling confidence in the first-line managers, was clearly achieved, as noted in feedback received from participants. The participants completed the training well equipped with a clear awareness of their capabilities. Positive changes were also seen in the company engagement survey. A concrete outcome is a pipeline of leadership development programmes covering a range of personal leadership and team leadership skills to proactively & sustainably support managers to effective lead and coach their teams.

We received the following feedback from the client:

“TPCL’s ability to deliver their expertise with a warm human touch makes them a great group of individuals to work with. I look forward to our continued partnership in equipping our leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to lead more effectively.”

To learn more about personal leadership programmes please click here Personal Leadership | Leadership Development | TPC Leadership

To learn more about team leadership programmes Team Leadership | Leadership Development | TPC Leadership

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