We would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and a very successful 2013. We hope it is your best year yet! The end of a year is a good time to make time to think back over the year that has past and the year to come.

Acknowledging what you have achieved, what you are expecting for the next year and what your dreams for the future are can help you create a plan with momentum for the next 12 months.In this blog post, we thought we’d share some questions which can help you with your reflections. You will find them below.

Questions to help you reflect at the end of the year

1. What did I accomplish in the last year? What were my successes? What was I most proud of?
2. What were my disappointments?
3. What were my top 3 lessons learned? Write these as a set of instructions / guidelines for the future.
4. How do I limit myself and how do I stop this? How can I see and think about myself differently and more productively?
5. What are my top 10 goals for next year across the different roles that I play in life?
6. How can work fit into the rest of my life?
7. Which role is my major focus for next year?
8. What values and qualities do I wish to express more in the coming year?
9. What am I excited about and looking forward to in terms of my own development?
10. Which 3 words do I want to use to describe myself next year?We encourage you to make some space to reflect on these questions and capture some answers to them that can provide you with guidance for 2013. And don’t forget that you can find many other free coaching and leadership development resources – including free webinars, videos, online tools and more – on the resources page of our site.

We hope that the New Year will bring everything you wish for.

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